Surface Tech Ltd | Harrogate
Surface Tech Ltd take care of all aspects of the re-surfacing process. We do everything from designs and groundworks to drainage and paving. Based in Darlington, we cover the North East including Teesside and Cumbria.
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Surface Dressing in Harrogate

Surface Tech Ltd provide high quality surface dressing services to customers in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

Surface dressing involves coating the road surface with an emulsion bituminous binder followed by an even application of aggregate chippings to dress the binder.

It prevents water ingress and restores skid resistance to the road surface, reducing damage and skid-related accidents. Surface dressing can greatly reduce maintenance costs and keep a road in good condition for a long time.

Road Surfacing in Harrogate

Surface Tech Ltd carry out a range of asphalt and tarmac road surfacing solutions in Harrogate and the local area.

We use specifically designed asphalts and stone mastics to create an extremely durable and hard-wearing surface that is maintenance-free.

Tarmac is impermeable, providing complete resistance against water and flooding. Surface Tech Ltd always lay tarmac so that water runs off into your drains.

Tarmac is a very resilient material, and can fit seamlessly to any existing paving or tiles that may be present, ensuring you are left with an attractive finish.